We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place that has shaped who we have become over the years… somehow a piece of us stay there, even though we move away… and there are emotions that we could find again only by going back there… We travel to ourselves when we go back to a place like that. Now that I have covered the stretch of my life, no matter how brief and quick it may have been… I realise that Montreal and Canada left a lasting mark, forever embedding the soul of the maple leaf land inside me.

UNESCO City of Design, creative heart of Canada, cradle of French Canadian heritage, home of Celine Dion, Leonard Cohen, Justin Trudeau, Cirque du Soleil, Bombardier, Bell Canada, Air Canada, UN agencies, many international organisations, hundred of restaurants and bars. Encounter a canadienne couleur local that streches beyond its borders. Once the historic metropolis and getaway to Canadian North America, today it blends the French Canadian culture with Canadian multiculturalism in-between its old cobblestone streets, heritage buildings, quarter latin and the high rise downtown.This charming, French-kissed cosmopolis is unlike anywhere else in Canada, home to a welcoming bunch of people with a unique European heritage that colours everything from its architecture to its nightlife. Proud and progressive, Montreal’s population live vibrantly diverse lifestyles, whether in upscale tree-lined avenues or chaotic, neon-lit Chinatown alleys.

This gallery shows vibrant and cosmopolitan Montréal , my home for few years back in Canada while I was working for the International Council of Design. Montréal was one of the few cities in the world to be named a UNESCO City of Design, along with Berlin and Buenos Aires. The city is a must visit while in Canada, in fact no other Canadian city represents canadienne couleur and its history more than Montréal 

As the locals say, it’s Europe and America rolled into one: achingly hip, proudly diverse, bilingual, filled with historic cobblestone streets and neo-gothic cathedrals, and all set in a rousing frontier landscape.