ITALIA: A Visual Journey

Photographic journey through Italy: Rome, Turin, Naples, Venice. The cradle of the European civilisation that has left a powerful mark on Western culture, arts, religion, social convenances and cuisine. Arguably Italy is Europe’s most enticing country. It charms visitors with irresistible food, awesome architecture, diverse scenery and unparalleled art. In fact, it’s so packed with possibilities it can almost overwhelm.

Rome is not like any other city. It’s a big museum, a living room that shall be crossed on one’s toes…

It is hard to be original when it comes to Venice. Every aspects of the city has been painted, photographed and described a hundred times before by some of the greatest minds of the Western hemisphere. They have captured the contrasts between beauty and the decay, vision and reality, silence and music in an ideal city that is part fairytale and part dystopia.

“There is something so different in, Venice from any other place in, the world, that you leave at, once all accustomed habits and, everyday sights to enter an, enchanted garden.”