Edinburgh Fringe

The Royal Edinburgh, Scotland

It is a joy to watch beautiful, dignified Edinburgh, the historic seat of Scottish crown and statehood – home of philosophers, poets, statesmen and scientists – transformed in August into the colourful carnival of crowds, culture, comedy and craziness that is one of the biggest arts festival in the world. I tried to capture the city’s unique atmosphere, its eccentricities and its many interesting characters, the beauty and diversity of the city.

Edinburgh has long been a city of contrasts, most clearly evident when comparing the Old Town and the Georgian New Town. A Unesco World Heritage Site, Edinburgh is Scotland’s inspiring capital where centuries of history meet a world class city in an unforgettable setting. The city’s magnificent architecture shifts from the narrow closes of the medieval Old Town to the grace of the Georgian squares and avenues. Above it all, with its towering splendour, stands Edinburgh Castle. A relatively small city, its history, and its many landmarks have made Edinburgh the second most visited city in the United Kingdom.

Edinburgh, Scotland