Photography has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them and the way you capture them…

Many people don’t think of documentary photography as being an artistic pursuit. In many ways, it isn’t. It is often utilitarian in nature; the photographer’s job is to capture and share a story plainly, honestly and efficiently through visuals; by capturing moments, emotions, experiences, ideas…

This album shares images from few unrelated events: My visit to the charity-run orphanage in South Africa;  The Notting Hill Carnivals and its manifestation of London diversity; and the anti-Brexit protests in London.

As technology evolves, people throughout the world are becoming more connected than ever. And everyone has a camera. Citizen journalism is causing seismic shifts in the way news is gathered and disseminated through social media or traditional news channels. Everyone can be a photo journalist today and share a story they experienced.

…With the emergence of citizen journalism everyone can be a photo-journalist today and share a story they experienced.

First rows: A heart catching and inspiring visit to the Orphanage in the outskirts of Cape Town. Most of the children who are placed there are orphans due to HIV/AIDS. Others have been abandoned. Many have been infected with HIV/AIDS or have other illnesses, such as tuberculosis and fetal alcohol syndrome. Thanks to the outstanding work by the charity group  Baphumelele, founded by Rosie Mashale, the children have access to daily physical and emotional care, basic facilities, medication and education.