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Design and innovation are about connecting things… between people, information and ideas across industries: whether I work with a cross functional team on a given project, or as an external consultant I always aim to enable that connection. If you would like to learn more about service design or introduce design thinking to your organisation just drop me a note and let’s talk about it.

Drive results through service design – where Customers and Businesses meet… across devices, touch-points and technologies. For almost 10 years I have been been working on the cross-road of design thinking, program management and service design empowering critical initiatives of a few of the world’s most renown organizations and brands, transforming their operations and customer experience.

Are you ready to drive innovation, adapt for the future, and better understand your customers? With a bespoke tailored introductory and practical service design trainings, you can offer a fun and immersive learning experience for your organisation. Either myself or with my training partners you will receive a tailored training approach and materials embedding service design capability that will drive your business. Trainings cover range of topics from basic introduction to design thinking, customer journey mapping techniques, introduction to customer research, and holistic training on the service design methodology and its application to program management, proposition development and business transformation. Get in touch to learn more and discuss your interest in service design.

I help organisations develop a customer centric culture and service design capability through trainings, design thinking workshops, team building activities, developing tailored service design toolkit and design projects. Collaboration is at the heart of design thinking. I develop and facilitate tailored workshops and trainings in service design method, a proven approach for problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. Design Thinking focuses on ‘learning by doing’ therefore it is crucial for all participants to be involved in all aspects of the workshops – more interactions than presentation slides.


  • 1. Introduction to Design Thinking and Service Design: Learn principles of user centred design thinking based on real-life scenarios;
  • 2. Designing and Improving Customer Experience: Take away new tools and method for collaboratively generating a range of service proposals;
  • 3. Customer Journey Mapping: Identify specific customer pain-points, potential service failure and opportunities for improvements, based on real-life examples from corporate projects;
  • 4. Developing Service Blueprints for planning the delivery of new service proposals;
  • 5. Developing Customer Value Proposition: communicate a service vision to stakeholders (new service);
  • 6. Driving Customer-Centric Change: transforming services into more intuitive, simple and fully connected customer journeys;
  • 7. Identify how back office processes need to be implemented to deliver a desired customer experience;
  • 8. Effectively communicate a service vision to stakeholders and project sponsors;