With Design Thinking at the core of my practice I work at the intersection of web technologies and service design. As a design thinking program manager I connect required resources with vision and objectives to make things happen using tools and methodologies mastered across the disciplines of project management, human-centred design and service design. From agile project management standards, operational excellence principles to design thinking toolkit, whether your project is large or small, the methods and processes set out on this website demonstrate how to deliver the desired results. Managing a customer-centred design project is about more than just briefing a design team and your stakeholders. A first step is to create a design brief, understand a content of a business challenge or opportunity and grasp a full picture of a designated end-user group; their needs, expectations, behaviours.


Key areas of competence and professional experience gained while working across design, technology and consulting for corporate, NGO and international organisations.

  • Customer journey mapping to identify opportunities for improvements and change;
  • Designing and improving end to end service experience;
  • Facilitating collaboration workshops using design thinking techniques;
  • Developing detailed service blueprints including features, stories and use cases defining scope of delivery;
  • Developing service design business case;
  • Managing program of work from discovery and design throughout development and delivery;
  • Designing Employee Experience – Embedding Service Design in HR function;
  • Designing and running service design trainings and workshops;
  • Designing and facilitating customer research supporting project scope;
  • Incubating ideas into prototypes and minimal viable products;
  • Delivering improvements throughout  customer end-to-end journeys across digital and physical interactions’
  • Improving shared services operations to enable a better customer experience;
  • Digital strategy including concepts development, design and digital delivery;
  • Delivering consumer portals, corporate websites, web campaigns, multimedia content;

While delivering projects for global brands, I have been able to expand my experience, knowledge and cultural acuity, and hone my innovative approach using a toolkit that includes effective project management skills and design thinking principles. I worked with corporate, government and NGO sectors across various industries and markets including in the United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, the United States, Australia, China, Norway, Germany and the Middle East. Back in Montreal I was managing projects for the International Council of Design. In the recent years I have been working from London for The Coca-Cola Company and Fidelity International managing digital and service design projects and developing internal service design capability. Recently I joined the Royal Bank of Scotland Innovation Centre in London.

Mike Hakkens
Fidelity International (London)
Director, Global Client Experience

I worked with Michal for one year successfully introducing experience design and customer journey mapping across Fidelity’s business units worldwide. My wholehearted recommendation of his work is primarily based on his thorough understanding of design and mapping, his outstanding organisational and delivery skills as well as his confident and personable stakeholder management.

Caralisa Woods
Fidelity International (London)
Head of Transformation, Global Client Experience

I have worked extensively with Michal and continue to be impressed with his passion, enthusiasm and experience as a design led thinker and his transformation skills. He has made invaluable contributions to the Global Client Experience team at Fidelity. He has the ability to work with multiple business & technology stakeholders and convert concepts and ideas into meaningful delivery into the business that adds value and improves the Client Experience… I highly recommend him in a professional capacity.

Cheli Brown
The Coca-Cola Company (Atlanta)
Global Communication, Office of the Chief People Officer

I had the pleasure of working with Michal at The Coca-Cola Company, and I know from personal experience that he is both a creative thinker and a disciplined project manager–an uncommon combination. He expertly moves a project from ideation to creation and execution, contributing at a high level in each phase of the process from concept to reality. He is an expert in service design and customer journey mapping, which have practical application in nearly every project. He is a great connector of dots and of people – he sees the big picture and is able to communicate strategic vision to his team to inspire them and keep them connected to the goals.

Daniel Szokalski
The Coca-Cola Company (Warsaw)
Global IT Business Services Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Michal at The Coca-Cola Company in both a Service Design and Project Management-related capacity. He was consistently a great asset to all projects he was assigned to, bringing a clear understanding of how service design thinking methodology can help business needs and goals. He connected and kept engaged all project team members, subject matter experts and stakeholders in Atlanta, London, Dublin, Warsaw, San Jose and Manila. He is a strategic thinker who looks not only at the problem at hand, but holistically from an all angles to define and develop a user centric solutions across digital and physical fusion. Michal is also an inspiring design thinking advocate.

Andrea Springer
World Design Capital (Montreal)
Programme & Communications Director

Michal has an effective, results-driven approach to project management that is consistent with his reliability and professionalism. He quickly understands what needs to be done and delivers as per, if not above expectations.

Arild Bjorn-Larsen
Making Waves (Oslo)
Director of Marketing & Business Development

I have had the pleasure to work with Michal on several projects during my time in Making Waves. Michal was a dedicated and hard working project manager. He is a true team oriented project manager with good understanding of tech development and design, including service design.

Design-led Approach

THINK-DESIGN-MANAGE represents my systematic approach to guide idea creation, problem solving and project execution to deliver business value and customer centric solutions. Using design thinking techniques I aim to integrate expertise beyond traditional project management methodologies in order to create a design-conducive and innovative environment. Double Diamond is a process model created by Design Council, a London based organisation and a member of International Council of Design. The model provides a graphic representation of a design and delivery process and how a project moves from design stage into development and delivery.

First phase of any design-led project starts with discovery and research. Combining empathy for the context of a problem, creativity in generation of insights and solutions, and rationality in analysing and fitting various solutions to a problem context. Design thinking, a human-centered approach to innovation, aims to integrate needs of people/users/customers, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success. Applying design thinking method at the first stage of any project can significantly shape project scope and its final business added value.
Design is a constantly evolving and dynamic discipline. The professionally trained designer applies intent to create the visual, material, spatial and digital environment, cognizant of the experiential, employing interdisciplinary and hybrid approaches to the practice of design. During the design phase I look to completely understand the target user audience and how they will interact with a proposed solution or concept. Having a project manager experienced in co-creation and design thinking assures effective collaborative process where produced results bring maximum business value with user and customer experience at the centre of a product or a solution.
Design-led solutions are further defined and developed, prototyped, iterated and tested. Key activities and objectives during this stage are: user profiles, scenarios, role playing, service and interactions blueprinting, physical prototyping. It is crucial to engage at this stage wider stakeholder group and end users of a solution. Understanding of applied techniques and tools ensures development is managed in a timely, collaborative and effective manner and communicated to project stakeholders.
Manage Delivery & Change
Designed product or service is implemented and launched, first as a minimal viable product. The key activities and objectives during this stage are: implementation (including digital development), final testing, approval and launch; targets, evaluations and feedback loops. We launch a website or a service and reveal it to the world, but that’s not the end of the story… soon it would be updated based on the learnings captured from the market launch. Think how often you update Apps on your smartphone? Each version would come with improved or new features often captured from users feedback after the initial release.

Technology shows you what can be done.  Design shows you how it should be done.