Using Design to Improve Products and Services

A video from the London based Design Council on the role design plays in product and service development – and how design can be used to increase the value of a brand.

Brands such as Apple, Hollister, Jaguar,  Porsche, Google, Phillips, Coca-Cola or Qatar Airways are masters in generating a positive experience at every stage of experiencing their products and services. Brand experience resembles the experiences you have with the people in your life. Just as your perception of someone is formed by every direct or indirect interaction with them, so is your perception of a brand. It is literally everything you have seen and heard – or even felt or smelt or tasted – about it. The brand experience is everything you know about a brand. 

Given this, many brands do their best to supervise every phase of the customer’s experience. They try to make each of the ‘interactions’ Neumeier mentioned a positive one, starting with the moment a customer considers buying their brand’s product or service, right up to the moment that service is completed or the product is replaced. If you rent a car, the rental company wants to make the process pleasant and the car problem-free for the duration of the rental. If you buy a washing machine, the manufacturer wants to make choosing their brand easy and the operation everything that was promised. They try to make the entire brand experience positive…

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